THE TIME IS NOW for a MODERN approach to HVAC.

 At LMS, we are aware that key systems, like HVAC, hold a significant role in your facility’s asset value.  That is why we specialize demonstrating how HVAC systems can enhance building value and profitability. This modern approach to building management fosters predictability in the Las Vegas environment, climate, and budget while increasing your asset’s value. Our predictive maintenance program significantly improves energy savings and comfort of your building.  But, it also leads to proactive solutions, enabling cost control, risk mitigation,  minimizing and preventing  emergency repair costs and allowing you, the building owner or property manager, to reinvest the saved funds into your business and assets. It’s a smart financial move and the reason why LMS is your partner in HVAC.


Analyze Energy Usage:  A Higher Level of Mechanical Service

The LMS Element™ is an intelligent service solution that’s unmatched in the Vegas Valley. Our “virtual technician” delivers actionable outcomes based on the operational data collected from your building systems that help your bottom line. By continuously gathering and evaluating information from every piece of mechanical equipment, the Element™ reveals the true health and performance of your building far beyond the simple trending other service companies offer. This insight defines a path to addressing the issues that matter most and the actions to take that will improve comfort, increase performance, reduce energy use, minimize risk of failures, and save money.


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How does the Element™ work?


A small box is connected into your building’s control system to investigate performance. The Element™ continuously gathers mechanical equipment data and sends it to our hosted server for analysis. We evaluate this operational data to determine the condition and trend performance of every connected device. This continuous testing gives us the insight to:

  • Identify hidden issues
  • Alert when immediate action is required
  • Provide service based on urgency
  • Predict repairs to minimize risks of failure
  • Verify before-and-after, all work performed and recommended

    All this information is stored for long-term trending, which allows us to assist our clients in planning and budgeting for future equipment replacement and improvements.

    The Element™ synthesizes complex building data down to actionable solutions provided in our performance reports.

 Why Choose Element?

  • Targeted Service ~ aimed at the devices in need

  • Informed Dispatch ~ the right tech, tools, & parts

  • Building Health ~ month-over-month improvements

  • Virtual Technician ~ 24/7 equipment evaluations

  • Connected Authority ~ immediate alarm response