World Market Center

Construction of the 20-story Phase III began in 2007 and was completed in 2008. Trane secured the order for 1,198 Trane water-source heat pumps. Trane also brought to the table wireless zone sensors; a time-and money- saving improvement that helped World Market Center “cut the cord” with hard-wired sensors:

The 2,100,000 sq.ft. facility is entirely controlled via a Trane Tracer Summit control system. The control system is responsible for controlling:

  • Eight Evapco cooling towers
  • Six Armstrong cooling tower pumps
  • Three 12,000 MBH Bryan boilers
  • Three Armstrong variable speed hot water pumps
  • Six Armstrong variable speed building pumps
  • Four Tranter plate & frame heat exchangers
  • Six Temtrol air handling units
  • 1,198 Trane water-source heat pumps
  • 1,198 Trane wireless zone sensors

Control Strategies

  • Building water variable primary flow based on differential pressure
  • Boiler add & subtract sequencing via Tracer Summit
  • Heat exchanger add & subtract sequencing via Tracer Summit
  • Cooling tower, boiler & pump rotation sequencing based on
  • run-hours
  • Heat pump loop control via Tracer Summit