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Not every building gets it. Except for LMS clients’ buildings. If your building has controls or is a large, high-capacity venue, read on.

Starting with the basics, what does an HVAC service agreement look like? Filter changes, alarm notifications, quarterly service calls, 24/7 availability… these are all great maintenance offerings to keep buildings in top condition.

When it comes to HVAC service and maintenance in Las Vegas, buildings partner with LMS because we also provide things our clients never think of…because they shouldn’t have to. 

Large buildings, such as event venues, are too busy loading in and striking high-energy concerts and sporting events throughout the year. Who has time to think about how energy consumption data from those events can directly affect business decisions?


1. Ability to document energy consumption: Works best for large venues with events that draw crowds. For example, a premiere headliner means large energy consumption. Energy usage is analyzed and predicted from ramp-up, to concert night(s), to strike. We model the costs. Our clients leverage the data to create their pricing model.

2. Targeted Services: Knowing exactly what to look for before we show up for maintenance. Clients love this because saving time means saving money.

3. Intelligent Building Authority: Monitoring equipment and systems, ultimately providing peace of mind.

4. Guided Analytics: Everyone gathers data, but analyzing what matters most streamlines the process and directly benefits the client monetarily.

5. Equipment Life Cycle Management: Knowing when equipment and systems need to be upgraded, modernized, and replaced.

6. Refrigerant Compliance: Accounting for the movement or refrigerant in and out of your property… because it’s the law.

7. Controlling Controls: Holding your controls or building automation systems company (or ours) accountable.

These are the real crowd-pleasers of the HVAC industry. Providing sustainable solutions beyond clean, comfortable indoor environments and necessary filter changes. These solutions leverage energy data to make the best business decisions to maximize profitability. 

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