When looking for a commercial HVAC service contract provider, what do you look for?

Before we get to the single most important question, remember to consider a company that has a good reputation. One with experienced professionals that you can trust. Technicians who will arrive on time, and a company that always looks out for your best interest.

While evaluating your options, understand the reason for having a service contract. And for most building owners and property managers, the goal is to protect your equipment from unexpected HVAC system repairs and replacements. A bigger goal would be to promote cost savings and efficiency over time.

Ask what is included in the contract. At the very minimum, a checklist of things that are scheduled to be done on your equipment is to be expected.

And look for a company that is working just as hard to help you save money in the long run.

So, here is the question that separates an HVAC service company that works proactively on your behalf vs. a company that just checks off the boxes.

Q: “Do you provide energy and equipment performance reports?”

Why is this question important?

• Active monitoring minimizes the risk of failures.

• Real-time monitoring identifies energy waste.

• Data collected tracks actionable insights to help to reduce energy use and operating costs.

• Reports continuously help to improve building performance.

• Improved building performance enhances the comfort of your occupants.

• The HVAC service contract ultimately saves you money.

As a whole, HVAC trends are centered around improving cost and operational efficiency while maintaining sustainability. A service contract provider should be focused on the same goals.

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