LMS Building Systems is proud to be awarded Top Workplace in Nevada in 2021 for the second year in a row. This is an incredible achievement, as this past year, all businesses have had to adjust to extraordinary circumstances. Our associates are the heart of LMS, and they have shown (and continue to show) flexibility, adaptability, collaboration, and deep caring for each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, our recognition of this award has revealed just how culturally healthy LMS is. The award is solely dependent on our associates’ survey participation. 

“Winning the Top Workplace confirms what I already knew,” says Deb Ebey, accounts payable and payroll administrator. “ The management of LMS has a genuine concern for its employees. They go out of their way to assist employees with their needs. I’m so grateful to have the privilege of working for such a great company.”

“The first thing that always comes to mind when someone asks why I love working for this company is that they genuinely care about me, not only as an associate but more importantly as a person,” says Justin Butler, Sales Engineer. “There is a culture of caring and support that the people at this company want me to succeed in both my professional and personal life, and it has been backed up by their actions over and over again, showing that it’s more than just words on paper.”

Individual associate scores and comments from the Top Workplaces survey were made confidential. LMS only received the final score, 81% engagement; the national average is 31%. Companies that score high Top Workplace make their associates the center of their business strategy. They listen, act upon, and implement best practices to improve engagement.


“When COVID hit, management went above and beyond to accommodate the needs of the associates by setting up “work from home” for most and especially those with children,” says Ebey. “LMS kept all of us protected by implementing safety procedures to ensure a COVID-free workplace.”

As an essential business, LMS stayed open all through the pandemic. Buildings in Las Vegas were partially and/or completely unoccupied, but it was important to keep them serviced for optimum energy efficiency.  

“We all stayed safe. We also kept our clients going and made sure that their buildings were running, and in some cases, we provided clean air,” says Gene Curry, field technician supervisor.


“The team we have here at LMS is very knowledgeable. And everyone is always willing to help one another,” says service coordinator Jon Traufler. “We teach and learn from one another. We come together to overcome any challenges in our way. Seven and a half years ago, I did not know what a chiller was, or a boiler. I didn’t know anything about AC. LMS was willing to teach me and did not judge me. I really love that about LMS. We are a team. We are family. WE ARE ONE.”

On every LMS truck, the tag line reads, “WE CREATE COMFORT.” This means many things, from the moment our concierge answers the phone to great client services we offer, to the obvious, which is keeping occupants of buildings comfortable. Winning this award has given it even more meaning.

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