This week, we are reminded of a quote by Sir Winston Churchill, “We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.” The quote was made during his speech in October of 1943 about replacing the House of Commons, which was destroyed by a bomb and fire. He wanted to see it “restored in all essentials to its old form, convenience, and dignity.”

During this time of COVID-19 pandemic, this quote couldn’t ring more true to LMS. And, while we can have different interpretations of his words, Churchill understood the power of what a building means: that a building is so much more than a structure. It shapes all those who enter and engages within it and with it.

COVID taught us to adapt and support each other and our city with unique challenges that suddenly came upon this world. It also caused a lasting impact of how important it is to trust our associates, our instincts, and decision-making that impact every level of society.

As we continue with our building and facility engagements to fine-tune Las Vegas – which is now seeing the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel – we remind ourselves that buildings are more than structures and equipment. We are creating environments of health, trust, and comfort of people.

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