LMS Building Systems’ business development associate, Tasha Rogers, recently completed Trane’s intensive post-graduate training regimen that encompasses sales, engineering, HVAC systems design and application – all with an emphasis on ethics and professional standards. We talked to Tasha about what she learned, what she loves about the industry, and what she thinks sets LMS apart from the rest.

Q: What was your greatest take-away from GTP (Trane Graduate Training Program)? 
A: I think my greatest take away was not only the introduction and foundations to a ton of material, but how technology is evolving and sustainability is a top priority.

Q: What are some of the things that you loved learning about ?
A: Learning about selling was a strong point for me. As I continue my learning curve with sales and read other books, I am able to recognize how many resources they pulled sales tactics from, to teach us. It’s like 300 sales hours consolidated down to a thorough foundation for us to grow on.

Q: How will your knowledge and skills positively affect our clients? 
A: I can’t wait to meet our future clients. I look forward to having meaningful conversations applying the new technical, interpersonal and business-related skills that was gained. It’s about helping them get what they need and pursue their goals.

Q: How does your knowledge help LMS stand out from the competition?
A: The GTP program was insistent on cross training us and pushing us to fight the silos and to work together. Gaining overall knowledge of equipment, service, parts, controls, contracting and refrigerants starts the conversation on site, hopefully opening doors of opportunities for the customer.

Q: What areas of the industry are you most interested in and are going to be concentrating on at LMS? 
A: After learning HVAC systems, technology has increased so much since 1902 when Willis Carter invented the first modern air conditioning! However, now we have greener and more sustainable alternatives that we can direct our attention to. I would to help customers progress in a more efficient and positive way, to save energy and money in their unique systems.

Q: How did you get into this field?
A: I entered the HVAC world after working with oil and gas. There is just something about working around machinery and systems larger than us, that gives a satisfaction.

Q: What do you think is the greatest value that LMS brings to clients? 
A: LMS brings in so much experience, knowledge, resources and great people. I haven’t worked around a company like this before. They promote training, continuous education and don’t hesitate to offer help.

Q: Any comments about trends/resources regarding indoor air quality during this time of COVID that our clients might like to know? 
A: COVID-19 might be new to some people but the technology within Trane has been around over 15 years! Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning System (TCACS) is far more than an air filter. It’s a one-of-a-kind blend of three technologies: filtration, germ-killing ultraviolet light, and a photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) process. In this day and age, it’s worth reading about or better yet, invite us in to talk about it.

Contact Tasha Rogers for more information! Connect with Tasha on LINKEDIN.

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