When buildings have been sitting idle, re-starting the sophisticated HVAC system is more complicated than simply flipping an “on” switch. LMS System Startup helps customers get back to business as usual without frustrating HVAC system delays. When our system experts prepare for, and properly sequence startup, we can make sure the system operates reliably and at optimal levels—the way it should. It is important for our clients to know that LMS SERVICE can scale from “just maintenance” to a professional collaboration for improving indoor air quality, building reliability and resiliency, managing change and monitoring buildings remotely, and moving sustainability forward. But first things first. Let’s get started as you build your trust in LMS as an advanced, proactive service provider by working with you to create site-specific startup plans that may include the following:

Action Details

Air side
Clean, test and evaluate the entire air handling system prior to restarting; including condensate drains, air filters, return air grills and exhaust fan intake grills.
Air-cooled equipment
Thorough check and test of crankcase heaters, static pressure, condenser fans, coils, and compressors.
Take water samples on closed loops and sample for appropriate chemical levels; test glycol systems; cycle chiller/boiler to run until set point reached; run chilled and condenser water pumps for chillers and test full load capabilities of system.
Cooling towers
Check basin heaters; check and verify liquid level floats and switches for accuracy and operation; check and clear evaporative pans; check belts or pulleys for wear; change oil in gearbox if necessary; inspect vibration safety switch.
Air compressors
Check oil level, drive belts and pulleys; test relieve valve; check tank auto drain.
Exhaust fans
Check all belts and motors, lubricate where necessary; note exhaust fan discharges.
Building Automation System
Check settings and schedules against occupancy changes.
Energy analytics
Optimize building energy use based on occupancy levels.

Ramping up business after a period of unplanned downtime is unprecedented for most or our clients. Everything in a building may be changing, from work schedules to floor plans. Some of our clients are restarting with a leaner staff. It is bound to be a time of uncertainty and confusion. LMS Startup Services give us an opportunity to take one major task off our client’s plate, to make sure the building reopens with the HVAC system performing as it should.

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